Our Services

Commercial Support

Sales Support: The Unami Group provides commercial resources to grow your business. We can handle existing accounts on a commission basis, taking some of the load off of your existing sales force. We will identify and develop prospects to become customers to build growth opportunities both within and external to the current market space.

New Product Development: With years of hands-on experience in developing new products and technologies we have the know-how to bring new products and technologies to the market. Using The Unami Group as part of your team will help you improve efficiency and speed to market from inception through development to launch. We can bring an outside perspective and can ask hard questions that need to be addressed to ensure success.

Raw Material Sourcing: Purchasing managers are overburdened by their day-to-day responsibilities and often do not have the time or contacts to find new raw materials. With our extensive network among domestic and overseas producers and distributors, we can help you identify and qualify suppliers in a timely and cost-effective manner to get the products you need at a competitive price.

Consulting Services

Strategic Planning: Regardless of size, any business needs a strategic plan to be successful. We provide unbiased input to developing actionable strategies to grow top and bottom lines. Our focus is small and medium sized enterprises where strategy is sometimes pushed aside under the day-to-day pressures of running the business. The Unami Group will facilitate the development and implementation of a meaningful strategy to guide your business to profitable growth.

Market Research: Understanding the dynamics of a current of prospective market is a key element driving marketing, sales and pricing strategies. Conducting proper market research is key preliminary step before committing resources to new product and new market ventures.

Competitive Intelligence: As with market research, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors along with customer perceptions is a necessary input in making sound business decisions. The Unami Group will collect unbiased information from suppliers, customers and industry peers and provide an honest analysis of the competitive landscape in the segment of interest and your position in the eyes of key stakeholders.

Technology Assessment: It is important to understand the strength of both your technology and your competitor’s before making significant investments in R&D, sales or manufacturing facilities. Draw on our technical and commercial expertise to understand the intellectual property landscape in an area of technology before deciding to commit valuable resources. We can also help you find potential licensees for technology you need or companies who have a need that can be filled by licensing your technology.

Start-Up Services: With personal experience in setting up the management structure for a small business, The Unami Group has the background and expertise to support you in setting up a new business or structuring an acquisition. Whether it is structuring a partnership, finding a location or arranging financing, we can facilitate the process helping to ensure your long-term success.

Technical Writing: We pride ourselves on providing clear, concise and informative documentation for products and procedures. Combining a technical background in chemistry and material science with writing and editing skill, The Unami Group has the expertise to ask probing questions to make sure that the finished document meets client and user needs. We specialize in both online and print user manuals.